Universiteti POLIS ёshtё themeluar me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr. 698, dt.11/10/2006, botuar nё fletoren zyrtare nr. 114 , faqe 4475 tё vitit 2006; Fituar akreditimin institucional dhe tё programeve nga MASH (Ministria e Arsimit dhe Shkencёs) dhe APAAL (Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit tё Arsimit tё Lartё), nr.227, dt.22/07/2009 dhe nr.250, dt.14/06/2013. Me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr.746, dt.24/10/2012, U_POLIS ёshtё njohur si IAL (Institucion i Arsimit tё Lartё) me status “Universitet”; dhe me urdhёr tё MASH nr.563, dt.19/11/2012 organizon Programin “Doktoratё”.


The message of Rector

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Dear visitors of our site,

After 20 years of successful performance of Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development and 10 years of POLIS University, we can already state without hesitation that POLIS enjoys a public reputation of a quality educational institution, well-focused, specialized and with fully merited “university” status! We strongly believe that the educational process is a mission, a social responsibility and a joint effort of the society, where we obviously have the main concern!
Inspiration, exploration, insight, positive thinking and the challenging reality are the key principles in which we rely the education process. Besides academic activity POLIS is also engaged in scientific and practical research, in activities of development and innovation, as well as in initiatives of public interest.

Actually, POLIS represents an alternative University, originated from a professional civic movement like Co-PLAN, which aims to bring a new spirit and philosophy towards professions of Architecture, Art Design, Engineering Sciences and territory expertise. We have designed a rich, but focused “menu” of 19 academic programs and specializations in four levels of study (postsecondary, graduate, postgraduate) including: postsecondary vocational school, Bachelor and Integrated studies, scientific and professional Masters , and Doctoral studies.  These programs are delivered as full time or extended time programs, as per demand of the public or institutions.

Despite domestic and international recognition POLIS is also member of various European networks and has made partnerships and agreements with reputable international institutions, including joint programs and projects. POLIS is the first signer of the “Bologna Charter” and has successfully passed all tests and evaluations of legal and quality conformity. It is one of few institutions of high education in the country to have successfully passed all processes of institutional and program accreditation. Recently it went through an international external evaluation and was successfully accredited. POLIS is running joint diplomas with some European universities and is also running a unique international PhD program.
In order to reach its goals and mission, POLIS intends to create a clear professional and civic leadership in sciences of the city and territory, which enables a more livable space, more equal and sustainable cities in time, as well as a public taste on aestheticsm that educates society. Academic and research staff at POLIS do not claim to withhold “absolute knowledge of truth”, even though their independence is fully respected  from the student community as it is a moral and holistic asset for the authority of the school. In our common concept a good professor is an intermediary between the student and the truth and everyone expresses oneself differently through the professional support of our well-qualified staff. It is not by accident that today one third of POLIS is international staff, another one third have graduated from best universities in EU or North America, and the rest represents tradition and the best local expertise in fields of interest.  POLIS remains open to explore new, alternative and contemporary concepts and ideas.

Hence, students come to POLIS with the inspiration to change and improve “the world” and they are willing to experiment with their ideas. Is is our duty to let their imagination free and help them overcome conceptual and cultural barriers, encourage them to jump into a new dimension, the dimension of the unknown, which stimulates the exploration of their professional skills. These students bring with them the cultural background of different regions of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and other foreign countries.  POLIS is currently located in a campus which represent and goes beyond POLIS’s concept as “city within a city” and “town within the building”. In this campus, we have tripled the spaces dedicated to teaching and have added public spaces and other facilities in an infrastructural building that in itself represents architectural originality, energy efficiency and school construction in general. It could not be different, since this project was designed by Metro_POLIS and is an outcome of love, imagination and good energy of our own staff and students who were engaged in the concept phase, in the design and later in the project implementation.

Every detail in POLIS, starting from facilities, the spirit we transmit to students, the exposure and involvement in international experiences, the combination of local with foreign staff, the instructional practices, all these represent a catalyst for diversity and freedom of opinion.
Our University’s development strategy is built on our commitment to enhance the quality and focus on innovation. These attempts are further supported by scientific research, the organization of two international biannual events of architecture and design named : TAW and TDW, the establishment of a dedicated  publishing unit, the exchange of knowledge among lecturers and researchers coming from partner universities in Europe and US and constantly improving academic programs and applying innovative technologies in order to respond to the market’s employment demand and challenges of the society.

It is our outmost duty to uphold the creative spirit of staff and students in every study program at POLIS University.

Meanwhile we cordially invite you to be part of this free space for thinking!






Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj

Rector U_POLIS

Tirana, Albania




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