Independent structures

Independent structures

POLIS University has well defined “Independent Structures” which guarantee the operation and
good governance of the institution.
  • Approval of proposals for persons who have applied to defend their doctorate.

  • Approval of the files of persons who have applied for academic titles and follow-up for processing

    further according to the by-laws in force.

POLIS University has the “Joint Council of
Professors” with DA, University of Ferrara, Italy, with which he co-organizes programs
common third level. The Joint Council of Professors is sanctioned with
institutional agreement between rectors, and recognized by the relevant ministries of education and
science in both countries. In this context, the capacities of U_POLIS for staff and professorships are

Another important structure in U_POLIS is the “Board of Ethics”, which deals with problems of nature
ethical-moral between the student-academic staff/research staff community. The board consists of representatives
of the academic staff and the administrator, of which the chairman is appointed by the Rector.

“Internal Quality Assurance Unit” is a unit that follows all procedures for
quality assurance in the educational and research process at U_POLIS. This includes the “360 assessment
rank” of the staff and the organization, the evaluation of the students, the evaluation of themselves by the staff, as well as
evaluation by the leaders of the institution and units. Based on the findings, the Quality Unit and
the leaders of the institution take the appropriate measures for improvement and/or promotion when it is
This Unit has the task of evaluating all quality elements according to the standards of
The European Quality Agency (ENQA) and the Albanian ASCAL, evaluating periodically
the teaching process as well as the efficiency of research and administrative activities.

The “Student Senate is part of the structure of POLIS University that exercises its activity in coordination with the governing bodies of the University. The main goal of the Student Senate is the engagement and activation of students in activities that are closely related to academic activities, but also to others that promote the active and social life of students.


This structure consists of the Constitutional Assembly and the Executive Board. It exercises its activity in close coordination with the governing bodies of POLIS University and focuses on the professional performance of individuals who have completed their studies at U_POLIS.

All members of the association have the right:

  • To be potential beneficiaries of any of the assistance schemes or programs administered by the Association and/or U_POLIS.
  • To benefit from scholarships or employment opportunities from the network of partners of POLIS, AUA and ALUMNI.
  • To exhibit their work at MAD centers, TAW/TDW Biennales, Earth Days, etc., as well as other POLIS University assets and events.
  • To participate in the social-cultural life and activities of U_POLIS, Metro_POLIS, Co_PLAN, AUA, etc.
  • To engage in various projects of U_POLIS, AUA, Co-PLAN, Metro_POLIS, according to needs and subjecting you to competitive selection.
  • To be informed about the activities of the ALUMNI Association and AUA and also to participate in all social functions of the Association.
  • Publications and magazines of POLIS University benefit at a subsidized price.

In this way, all members of the association have the obligation: to pay the membership fee defined in the membership regulation, as well as to enable the ALUMNI association to run smoothly.