The second cycle “Professional Master” study programs at POLIS University provide in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as training for independent research in a field within a specific specialty. These programs are realized with 60 credits and with a normal extension time of 1.5 academic years (or 3 semesters). At the end of the second cycle studies, a “Professional Master” university diploma is issued according to the study program.
The study programs of the second cycle “Professional Master” at U_POLIS are realized based on the experience of cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education, specifically as follows:

POLIS University cooperates with the staff of IHS / Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, for the realization of the program:

POLIS University cooperated with the staff of “Nitro-Saggio research group, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy, for the realization of the program:


Applicants who are interested in continuing their studies in one of the above programs can use the APPLY link where you can find the necessary information on the documentation you must submit and the procedures to be followed to become part of POLIS University.