After the Academic Senate, the Rectorate is the next highest governing body that manages every day
the collegial functioning of POLIS University.
The Rectorate is a collegial executive body of the University which consists of:

Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design
Dr. Ledian Bregasi

Dean of the Faculty of Planning, Environment and Urban Management
Prof. Dr. Sherif Lushaj

Dean of the Faculty for Research and Development
Dr. Skënder Luarasi

For the day-to-day execution, the Rectorate cooperates with the Founding Board, the Deanships, the Council
of Professors, the Educational Secretariat, the Legal Office, the Finance Office, the Services Office and
The administration as a whole.
In the meetings of the Rectorate, he can also participate in special matters in an advisory capacity
Administrator of POLIS University, Vice Rector, and Administrator of Shpk.
The Rectorate reports twice a year to the Academic Senate and the Founding Board of the University