POLIS has an admirable freedom of thought and action, but also clear rules and a strong work culture. This makes this university “unique” and with a visible difference from the others! The process of accepting students at POLIS is associated not only with the submission of documents, but also with an intelligence and creativity (IQ) test, as well as reduced fees in the form of a scholarship according to the following categories. Scholarships are awarded by the “Board of Founders” within the framework of the school’s policies and social mission, and according to a procedure well defined by law, rules and deadlines.

POLIS University offers reduced fees for 3 (three) categories of students:

  1. Excellent Students;
  2. Students from the same family;
  3. Students from needy social strata.

To benefit from these reduced fees, students must meet the following criteria.

  1. Excellent and Talented Students must have:
  • average (VKM) above 9 (nine) – sent by KPA and more consistent with the average recorded in the high school diploma;
  • received in the general test organized by U_POLIS a minimum of 70% (seventy percent) of the total points.
  • a certain talent in Polis or other national/international competitions and competitive events by proving this with documentation.
  1. Students from the same family must be on a family certificate and have family ties as follows:
  • Sister – Brother;
  • Sister – Sister;
  • Brother – Brother;
  • Parent – Children who are in the same family certificate; and
  • Man – Woman;
  1. Students from the social strata in need will be considered those who are certified as belonging to the following categories (according to the provisions of the legislation in force) by the institutions that deal with the treatment of the following categories:
  • Orphans;
  • Children of police officers killed in the line of duty;
  • Children from the Roma community;
  • Children from economically disadvantaged families;
  • Students who are considered disabled, according to legal provisions; etc.
To benefit from this reduced fee, the student must submit a written request and the relevant documents to the U_POLIS Teaching Secretariat or the Marketing Office within November of the academic year. The student is monitored annually for school performance.
Students who meet the criteria can benefit from a reduced fee for only one of the categories listed above. In case the student does not have good performance and behavior in learning and activities, the scholarship can be removed by decision of the Rectorate and the Founding Board

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Note: Study payments, for all branches, are made in 2 installments (at the beginning of each semester), also as part of a facilitating and social policy for students and their families